London Calling… 12 Week Plan: Who’s YOUR Speaker?

Heading to London tonight to 
Keynote for Vistage UK (details below)
Because I love being your Speaker–
(and would be honored to be asked to 
present for your Group or Event this year)
I am customizing for you and your Team this
12 Week Plan to GET TO YES FASTER®
You can roll it out as slow or as fast as you want…
At the end of the 12 weeks we will provide you
a link to all 12 weeks of training tips together.
I envision it as a Sales Quarter of Training Content
to help you optimize your sales results.
Week One (last week) asked you to take a 
look in the Magic Sales Mirror
(Click to Read and Share with your Team)

Week Two (starts now) with this 
One Minute Video on Framing

YESCALATE® Tip # 6 “FRAMING: The 3 Buckets”
I’ll provide additional content for you on Framing 
on Sunday afternoon when I return from the UK.
This week I will be keynoting London and Yorkshire.
We expect between 750 and 900 CEOs.
Lord Coe is the opener– 
and Vistage asked me to close the show.
(…the last time anyone in my family was asked
to do work in London we were carrying
Emperor Hadrian’s luggage…)
So this is very cool– and I am honored.



If you have an event– and you think I

can contribute to your attendees– 

or if you would like me to work directly 

with your Team here’s a link

Yes, let’s set up a Workshop