It’s not about the Soap.

Disney delivers your toys to your hotel room while you ride the rides.
American Airlines gives GPS on your phone to the airport on day of travel.
Fine hotels take the soap out of the wrapper for you. 
How can you eliminate one step for your clients?

If every client is going to ask 
“Are you available on _______ (event date)?”
then putting your calendar online
will shorten your sales cycle.
(In fact it has cut in half the time it takes Sara and I 
to book a Speaking or Workshop Engagement 
What if you could cut in half the amount of time 
it takes your clients to do business with you? 
What if you could get them started faster?
Or cut in half the duration of a customer service call?
What would that mean to your bottom line?
That would be a powerful goal to work towards this year, wouldn’t it? 
I work with clients who achieve exactly that– 
they get to yes faster (shortened sales cycles) 
and optimize customer experiences.
Here’s a question we brainstorm together:
“What is ONE THING our clients must do 
(thereby making the process of being our customer
faster and easier.)
My mentor Joe and I were on the phone
sharing our learning’s from the past week
and I was telling him about my stay 
at the Sunset Tower.
It’s an historic Art Deco masterpiece on Sunset Blvd
Frank Sinatra lived there– and yelled invitations to Ava Gardner– 
The second floor was once John Wayne’s residence–
and he kept a cow on the terrace for fresh milk.
(Mr. Sinatra and Mr. Wayne had very different priorities.)
In the 70’s Iggy Pop would try and jump 
into the pool from his window
(sometimes he even made it they say… 
more often ambulances were called)
Anyway… it is a Platinum Fine Hotel now…
And when you check into a room 
you’ll notice something 
that you likely have never seen 
in a hotel before…
They unwrap the new soap for you each day.
Now I know that may not sound like a big deal
But I travel 200 days a year
and every single day I am unwrapping the soap…
You’ve all done it in a hotel room, right?
You get in the shower
and NOW you have to unwrap the soap
you’re wet… the wrapped soap gets wet…
you’re trying to fling the wrapper out
it’s now stuck on your hand…
or swirling in the water at your feet.
It’s a pain. 
This hotel asked:
What do our Guests have to do…
and how can we make it easier for them?
I really dig that about them.
Quick Tip and Video: 
What is slowing your clients down? 
Remember these two facts:
The brain’s primary goal is to keep you alive.
and use as little energy as possible in doing so.
Anyone you want to influence this week
would like you to eliminate a step
in their decision process.

  1. What are the first 3 things clients must do before they can say YES to you? 
  2. What are 3 obstacles that are holding them back
  3. Can you and your Team eliminate one of those 6 things this week?
  4. Would you like a toolkit and a process to help you and your Team do this on an ongoing basis? Yes, let’s set up a Coaching Workshop
Remember your goal is to make a difference for your clients 
… put yourself in their shoes and eliminate a step for them!

Your clients will thank you for it.
And you will GET TO YES FASTER®.