“It’s BS without BECAUSE…” (This Week.)

Use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® 
Because the Brain is Predictable.
YESCALATE® Tip # 8 The Fastest Brain Trigger “SUPPLY”
Last week we focused on the fact that 
compliments release dopamine in the brain.
And I suggested you look for opportunities
to say “You Made a Smart Decision…” 
And that Limited Numbers, Deadlines and Penalties
can trigger people in a negative way if we
don’t give the reason for them.
Remember my phrase:
It’s “BS” if there’s no “BECAUSE”. 

If you are going to set a SUPPLY LIMIT 
you are best served by giving the valid reason 
causing the limit (the “BECAUSE”) 
and by having a third party (not you) set the limit.
.. without giving a reason you increase 
the likelihood that people will say
“Well, that’s just BS.”
“Because” is a trigger word in our language…
and it indicates “there is a reason”.
Research suggests that by using 
the word “BECAUSE” you can 
increase compliance to the 
same requests by up to 200%. 
Remind your Team to give Clients “the BECAUSE” 
when making requests…
“It’s BS if there’s no BECAUSE.”
Requesting data … “Because…”
 Asking for a call back… “Because…”
 Setting a deadline… “Because…” 
   Providing a discount… “Because…”
Give the BECAUSE.


Review the Week’s YESENTIALS™ Lesson with your Team
  • In 10 Minutes on Monday, run a Drill-for-Skill around this Lesson 
  • Board a summary note where everyone on your Team can see it 
  • (on your “Did Well Wall”)
  • Play the video — this week it is Tip 8 “Supply”
  • Board Examples of the Tip in Practice this week…
  • Take 10 Minutes on Friday to run a Round-Table Review and Summarize the Wall
In doing so you are applying three of the most 
powerful triggers from Brain Science…
These are essential to GET TO YES FASTER®.
There are more than fifty YESENTIALS™
that I partner with client Teams to optimize.
Because we can use Brain Science to Optimize Performance.
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YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group
YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group


What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
Define the YESENTIALS™
With your success in mind,