His answer changed my life…

If you’re lucky, maybe once or twice in your life, you’re going to encounter an idea so powerful in its implication that it changes everything you do– and fundamentally changes the way you think.
Some of us are Seekers of such ideas.
On the morning of Tuesday, Oct 8th, 2019 at a CEO EVENT I greeted my friend Kirby Martzall and asked him a question… Kirby has been a professional musician for decades and for 17 years has been a Vistage CEO Chair– coaching dozens of executives every month… and that morning I asked what it had been like for him to try and play the guitar again after surviving and recovering from a brain shattering stroke–

I asked… “Does it feel like you are starting over?”
Kirby’s answer that morning rang in my head like a bell–and it will do that for the rest of my life:
“We are never starting over, we are always starting different.”
There is a moment, in every day, when everything changes–when the light clears the horizon; and just so for all of us at moments of change in our lives– individually and in business, the moments you’ll later recall as: “I remember the moment I decided something had to change.”
We begin to change the moment we say “Enough.” And we can start different. There are questions to ask before you begin to make those changes–and tools you can use during the process.
Join our webcast and learn the what, why and how of framing change–whether individually or as a business– and making that change stick to produce the outcomes you want in your life.
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I’m honored to call Kirby my friend, with the answer he gave me was a spark to the work I have been doing over the last 29 years myself. 
We are never Starting Over, we are Starting Different™… 
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“Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference.”
Thank you for allowing me to contribute. 
With your success in mind,
 Dean Minuto