Don’t surround yourself with yourself…

Don’t surround yourself with yourself
but rather surround yourself with 
the outcomes your best rep delivers 
on your client’s best day.

Surround yourself with the things that make the biggest difference for your clients on their best day.

Find the gains for them– maximize them.
Find the pains for them– minimize them.

Make practicing those things an every day occurrence. 

You might even want to call them your “best practices”.

Create CUES of those best practices in your environment.
And then build ROUTINES around those best practices.

The best teams do.

Here are two questions I’ve been asking for 30 years:
“What do your best customers feel about you and your product on their best day?” (…you should ask them, or let me ask them for you)
“What does your best rep do on her best day?” (…this rep is the one to pay the most attention to, she’s got the secret sauce)
You know what? You can replicate those things if you identify them.

It’s not brain science.
(Actually it is brain science, and it’s easy if you know how.)

There are just three steps (I’ve share with you in my YESCALATE® GET TO YES FASTER® workshop with your Teams/Groups in my Vistage Talks and in all the Starting Different™ webcasts I’ve delivered over the last few months):
  1. Identify your Best Practices.
  2. Validate why they work using Brain Science.
  3. Manifest them in your Daily Behaviors.
Examples from YESCALATE®–
  • You break large commitments into smaller steps: because small commitments are easier for clients, they lower their risk, and a thing in motions stays in motion–  your best performing reps on their best day ask their clients “Do you have a pen and paper, handy?” (That’s the M for “MOTION” card in the 7 MAGNETS shortcuts in the workshop)
  • You never say it if you can show it: because information gets to  your client’s brain 30X faster through the eyes than through the ears– your best performing reps do their best to turn their words into visuals using the three dimensions: 1D turn words to pictures, 2D turn pictures into videos, 3D (and the most powerful) take the customer to the thing itself, or bring the thing to them. (That’s the VIDEO component of Exercise 2 in the workshop) 

Surround yourself with your clients best outcome.

Your clients best outcome as delivered by the best of your team.

Identify the outcomes that your best customer’s want on their best day and the practices your best performers follow to achieve them.

What should your Team be Learning now so they can be Earning in September? 

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With your success in mind,

 Dean Minuto