“Do You Have Our Back?” Prove it.

How far would you go to say “I got your back” 
to those you want to influence?
What you do now (during this Coronavirus epidemic) 
manifests your values to the people around you.

It’s either “I got your back”
or “We are only thinking about ourselves”
The brain looks for patterns.
When people see the patterns in your behavior 
they know what to expect. 
The brain likes that because 
Consistency Lowers Risk.

People like “no bad surprises”.

That’s what your clients want, 
that’s what your employees want, 
that’s what your vendors and suppliers want
that’s what your kid’s want 
No Surprises. Consistency.

Repeating a behavior (the definition of Habit), 
forming a pattern 
reduces friction 
and reduces cognitive costs.

We are making it easier for ourselves to make decisions.
The brain likes that.
Your employees’ brains like that.
Your customers’ brains like that.

Once you know who you are (values… your “Be”)
And what to do (behaviors… “your “By”)
Life gets easier for everyone.

My VALUES are to make a difference and contribute to my clients in everything I do, and to treat my client teams as I would treat people I love in my family.

That being the case, those values inform my BEHAVIOR…

In one week I put 2868.5 miles on my car (Florida to Cortland NY for a single client event) because four weeks ago (on February 20) I made the decision (with the info we had then) not to travel through international airports and potentially expose my clients to the virus.
That behavior results in my clients having the best EXPERIENCE they can with me, and lifetime relationships with me.
More importantly:
They know what to expect from me.

You can drastically lower the costs of doing business with you.
You can make it easier for clients to say YES to you.
Define your behaviors and repeat them over and over until those behaviors are habits.
There is brain science behind every part of this– 
and there is a system you can follow… 
we call it the YESENTIALS®  
We can customize it together to optimize your customer experience.
I shared it this month with a 3,000 person global firm, two separate 65-150 person regional firms, and more than two dozen smaller firms of 1-3 people. 
(All with custom workshops in the past 4 weeks).
Beliefs. Behaviors. Brain Science.
Be. By. Because.
If you would like to learn how to  
Optimize Your Customer Experience

I would be honored to contribute 
to your Vistage Group or Corporate Team– 

Vistage Chairs and Vistage Members 
Reach out directly if you are interested. 

With your success in mind,

 Dean Minuto