“Do You have a Pen and Paper?”….This Week.

Use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® this week.
Handwriting IMPRINTS the brain.
A Thing in Motion STAYS in Motion.
Commitment IN WRITING are up to

200% more likely for people to follow up on.
Small commitments get people moving
faster than larger commitments.
Because the Brain is Predictable.
YESCALATE® Tip # 17 “A Thing in Motion…?”
Focus on the first of the 7 MAGNETS CARDS this week

How are we getting our clients in Motion this week?

Start with your Team…

Create a Did Well Wall (as simple as a Flip Chart Pad)
…what is your Team DOING WELL?
  • 1.  In 10 Minutes on Monday, board one of the YESENTIALS™ where everyone on your Team can see it on your “Did Well Wall”.
  • 2.  Play the video — this week it is Tip #17 A Thing in Motion — or simply read the text of the Motion card– 
  • … Who used “Do you have a pen or paper?” with a client–
  • … Who has an example of “Breaking it up into small commitments”?
  • 3.  Board Examples of the Tip in Practice this week…
  • 4. Take 10 Minutes on Friday to Review and Summarize the Wall
You are applying two of the most powerful 
triggers from Brain Science…
Focus on these questions with your Team this week.
Motion is essential to GET TO YES FASTER®.
It is one of more than fifty YESENTIALS™
that I partner with client Teams to optimize.
Because we can use Brain Science to Optimize Performance.
Let’s do it together– Workshop or Webinar?
YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group
YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group


What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
Define the YESENTIALS™


What if…  
Your Team knew and applied the

With your success in mind,