Connect with the ALIENS IN YOUR HOME and OFFICE (Gen Z)

WHAT IF THERE WAS A BUTTON that you could PUSH to connect with the ALIENS IN YOUR HOME (AND AT WORK)?


Want evidence of Alien life? Just look around you at home and at work! The “kids” born between 1996 and 2010 (Gen Z) are not just your kids: they’re your customers and employees now, and they are not normal- they are extraordinary.  32% of the world’s 7.7 billion people, and more than 40% of U.S. consumers.  They use an entirely different internal operating system than you. You can learn from them, and they can learn from you, but you must first learn how to connect with each other.


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webcast* Friday with one of my favorite people on the Planet– I will be interviewing my dear friend Steven Robertson. 


For 20 years (with a Team and Founders) Steve built one of America’s most successful summer student enrichment businesses- more than 115,000 kids attended over the years and 11,000 came on as staff. Last year students came from 140 countries and every US State. 


Steven has likely seen more Gen Z kids, and worked with them more closely, than just about anyone in the world.  


THERE IS a button you can push to connect with them to take the DIS out of disconnect- and it’s the exact opposite of what you think (taking away their Screens). LEARN HOW.


1pm – 1:40 EST, this Friday May 1st


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We will give folks 5 mins to log in, so be at ease if bandwidth is taking you a few minutes, we will start at 5 mins after 1pm and end between 1:30 and 1:40pm. 


If you have trouble with your internet you can also dial in using your phone with the details provided after you Register. 


Unless you have a copy of the manuscript of Steven’s book or have heard him deliver his amazing Talk you likely can’t get this learning anywhere else.


GEN Z IS DIFFERENT IN ALMOST EVERY WAY then us and every previous generation in human history, and my guest and I would argue GEN Z IS BETTER EQUIPPED than us because of the “two sides” of the world they were born into to handle the dichotomies of disruption in today’s World:  technology allowed them to be both “massively disconnected” and “massively connected” at the same time; 
unlimited access to info made them “grow up faster than” and “slower than” anyone before them; and the combined threats of terrorism, school shootings, perceived Fear Of Missing Out on social media, and the economic crises of 2008 caused them to be “more fiscally conservative and more anxious” while living in the “richest and safest nation” in world history.


Steven teaches a process – to his own Team and to Executives around the World to connect with Gen Z  to up their game in both business and personal life. 


I’m honored to call Steven my friend, and super-excited that he and I can make a difference for folks during these days of disruption.


We are never Starting Over, we are Starting Different™… a series of live video webcasts interviews with Dean Minuto and Friends

  • With experts that I love who can make a difference in times of change and disruption— for People and Teams who are in the process of Starting Different.
  • The Goal is to contribute something “Utile et Dulce” as the ancients said, both Useful and Fun in a 20 – 30 min guided interview with me on GoToMeeting (or whatever Zoom-like thing I am using then)

My friends and I have skills/expertise that can help our clients and our friends during a crisis and some of those things we can offer at cost in the form of webcasts such as this one.


Let us help you and your Team breathe a little bit easier these days (metaphorically speaking) take a short break in your day to have a little skill building with us on these webcasts. 


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“Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference.”


Thank you for allowing me to contribute. 


With your success in mind,



Dean Minuto