An Admission. (The Science behind “Great News!”)

You can use Brain Science to GET TO YES FASTER® 
But first, an admission: 
I love Salesmen.
The True Professional– man or woman.
Yeah, I said it.
I always have.
(Deep down inside so do you.)

I love it when they say “I got Great News for you!”
Because I know it’s evidence that they’ve done the work.
And I know they care.
They’re excited. They’re confident.
They can see the “win” that’s in it for me– the WIIFM.
They know the Outcome is going to be GOOD for me.
And I feel it coming off of them.

Those are Victory Chemicals.
And we want some of that.

They are Difference Makers. Truth Tellers.
They are Order-Makers. Not Order-Takers.
And when they’ve done the work in preparation,
when they can see the Solutions to our Problems
they confidently proclaim 
“I got GREAT NEWS for you!”  
I’m talking about the 20% that gets 80% of the “yes” results
The Curious. The Competent. The Confident.

And it’s true that I make an assumption:
that deep down inside you love em as much as I do
You love the ones that make it happen for your firm.

Because nothing happens without “yes”.
Not a a damn thing.
And so many people screw it up.

There’s a Process you can follow though 
and it can be taught…
to get to yes faster and more often.

I created a model of that Process with the four box
OPSC® Outcomes. Problems. Solutions. Commitment.
One-Page Sales Coach® tool.
And I teach it in my Workshops.

I get very excited to share it with Teams
because I know how well it works.

We live in a cynical world 
too many people feel empowered to be sarcastic
to laugh at people who show enthusiasm.
But those that understand what is essential to get to yes 
We are excited. 

We are here not to make a commission 
but to make a difference.
We take it seriously.

We pursue MASTERY in our “yes-craft”.
We start Revolutions for our Clients.
We become life-long Friends with them.

And we are always asking “How CANI?”
CANI as in Continuous And Never-ending Improvement.
“How can I make it Better, Faster, Cheaper, 
Safer, Easier for my Clients?”

And when we get to the answer 
we raise both our arms in the air 
like a Lobster after battle 
like Rocky Balboa on the top of those stairs
because we have Great News to share.

That’s “Happy Lobster”, baby.
It releases chemicals in the brain.

And our clients feel the confidence.
The brain science documents it.
(Read the first chapter of “12 Rules for Life” by Jordan Peterson). 

Because the Brain is Predictable.
Review the Week’s YESENTIALS™ Lesson with your Team
  • In 10 Minutes on Monday, run a Drill-for-Skill around this Lesson 
  • Board a summary note where everyone on your Team can see it 
  • (on your “Did Well Wall”)
  • Board Examples of the Tip in Practice this week…
  • Take 10 Minutes on Friday to run a Round-Table Review and Summarize the Wall
In doing so you are applying three of the most 
powerful triggers from Brain Science…
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YESCALATE® Workshop or Webinar for Your Group

What is essential to build a high-performance culture?
Purpose. Behaviors. Essentials.
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With your success in mind,