Today’s Command: “March Forth.”

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Today’s date always inspires me
“March 4th” as in “March Forth, Ever Onward...”
I tend to read it as a Command… 
And I usually need it right about now, at the mean end of Winter.
(I don’t know about you, but this Winter kicked my butt…)
A reminder that we can “get through this crap” 
…we just need to move forward.
Forward Motion.
Because a thing in motion tends to stay in motion.

And therein lies one of the biggest little Tips I can give you and your Team
 Quick Tip #17 is less than a minute long…
Click for 50 second Video Tip
I know you recognize that people try and be consistent with their commitments.
(They psychologists tell us inconsistency represents potential risk.)
But are you using this concept like the best sales pros have for generations?
Some of the most successful sales campaigns
use the concept of a Series of Small Commitments 
to get clients to start moving forward.
Here’s a question for you…
In any situation where you need/want a YES from someone
ask yourself…
What is the smallest thing you can get them to start with?
Or this variation on the same question:
Can you break the commitment up into a series of smaller commitments?
Even a change in their thinking, a small change, can spark movement…
If you and your team are hearing “I need to think about it” a lot
it might be that you are giving people a lot to think about.
If you find these Tips useful…
Let me provide your Team a format to improve your sales messaging 
to improve both your sales results and your marketing effectiveness
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