2 VIDEOS! Enough (of this s#it). GET YOUR CONQUER ON.

At some point you are going to face something that wants to completely crush you. (You might be facing it right now.)

Whether it’s a Brain Stroke or Russia that is trying to destroy you– there is  story there… that story can change you and it can also change the world if you are willing to share it. 

In the words of Rabbi Steve Leder, “We all walk through Hell, the point is to not come out empty handed.” 

(Now THAT is a great quote– get out a pen and write that one down.)

Check out the video we just uploaded of my conversation today with Kirby Martzall– every single time I talk to Kirby his insights blow my mind… this is a guy who basically said to a massive brain stroke, “Yeah, I see what you’ve done to me— now let me show you what I am going to do with it.

“The brain can’t be in a state of knowing and a state of curiosity at the same time,” Kirby Martzall 

PUSH A BUTTON TO MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN Starting Different™ Dean Minuto interviews Kirby Martzall
Starting Different™ Dean Minuto interviews Kirby Martzall

So that’s a video to watch over a cup of coffee this weekend.

Believe it or not Kirby told that whole story to me with a single sentence, and changed my life last October, he said: 
“Dino, you are never starting over, you are always starting different.”
By the way there’s a formula to follow to tell your story or your Company’s story to the World– consider watching my conversation with Henry DeVries with your second cup of coffee… and learn why “you should never make yourself of your company the Hero” of the stories you tell…
A Conversation with Henry DeVries (300 business books published).

Yes, I am wearing my Napoleon hoodie in this video… because sometimes you just feel like getting your damn Conquer On.

You need to recognize that people will tell stories about you… so you might as well frame the narrative correctly.

(Now somebody bring me my white horse… and the sword with the tassels on it…)

A dozen Vistage Chairs and Speakers already do.

“My Goal with these Webcasts is to contribute something ‘Utile et Dulce’ as the ancients said, both Useful and Pleasing; I see them as 20 – 30 min guided interviews with me on the topic of Starting Different. The discussion topic– really one word: change– is not only eternal but extremely timely in today’s time of disruption. The behaviors around change and leading an exceptional life have been a topic of conversation since ancient times, and certainly top of mind for great thinkers and researchers from Franklin to Fogg (Ben Franklin had a behavioral change program in the 1700’s for himself, and BJ Fogg is the founder and current head of the Behavioral Design Lab at Stanford University). I believe everything in our lives and in science and art has prepared us to contribute to people while they are navigating this time of massive change.”- Dean Minuto

Dean’s next book and workshop series will be titled Starting Different™– and will focus on how Teams and Individuals can change and achieve exponential improvement through a simple process (using brain science).  
“Success is not about making a commission, it is about making a difference.” Dean Minuto, THE ONE-PAGE SALES COACH
With your success in mind,

 Dean Minuto